Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations on downloads or uploads like many satellite providers?
No. Satellite and cellular providers limit the total amount of data transferred to or from the account. If the daily limit is exceeded these providers will dramatically slow down the service. We at Piñon Mesa Networks do not limit the amount of data transferred.


If you don't need a phone line how does it work?
We utilize the newest technology to bring you a high speed fixed wireless Internet service. A small antenna is attached to your house and pointed at our network broadcasting location. Our high strength wireless signal is broadcast from our location to your home. As long as you have a line of sight to our network broadcasting location we can provide you with a cheap and fast Internet service.
Is there equipment costs?
Yes, we provide an antenna for $110 with a $60 install.


Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. While we will have you sign a contract, we are confident that you will be a long term customer by choice after experiencing our excellent customer service and our fast, reliable, reasonably priced product. You may stop service at anytime, just let us know in writing 5 days prior to the cancellation date.  We want our customers to be happy and happiness is not being forced into a long term commitment.


So... Referral Credit? One Free Month?
That's right. If you refer someone to us and they join Piñon Mesa Networks and continue to be a paying customer for 3 consecutive months we will give you one whole month free. You can refer as many customers as you like and as long as they stay a customer for 3 months, we will have as many terms of service credited to your account as we can provide.

What is upload transfer?
Upload transfer is the act of putting something on the internet. This service is not designed for file sharing utilities or server hosting which are the primary culprits of high upload usage. File sharing left on can generate enormous amounts of upload bandwidth if not watched closely. Sharing your internet connection with your neighbor can also eat up a lot of your bandwidth.

What if I don't like it? 
No worries. If you would prefer not to continue using us for your high speed Internet you can disregard your next bill. You won't be penalized or charged for the next month, but please be aware that we will miss you. All outstanding debt must be paid in full. If you are a enrolled in our auto debit program you will need to contact customer support to inform them that you would like to discontinue using us. If you decide at a later date to resume your Internet service you will have to pay a re-connection fee. We hope you will give us a call or email us if you are not satisfied in any way. We desire your feedback.

What happens if the antenna stops working?
The antenna is warrantied for as long as you are a customer in good standing at $60 repair. If the antenna is damaged from malicious intent there is a $115 charge to replace the antenna.

How secure is it?
The connection to the base station uses 256 bit encryption based security. This prevents persons illegitimately connecting to the system. This is stronger security than what is used on ADSL and most cable. The biggest risk to users is attacks that originate from the Internet. We highly recommend that all users employ a virus scanner, spyware scanner, firewall and use safe browsing practices. We have information available about keeping your computer secure upon request.

What happens if I don't pay my bill?
If your service is interrupted due to non-payment, your account will be suspended.  When you wish to re-activate your account there will be a re-activation fee of $35.  Should you need to suspend your account, please let us know before a lapse in payment and we can arrange a suspension of service at no charge.

What happens to the antenna if I don't pay my bill?
Unless you would like us to remove the antenna right away we will normally leave the antenna in its location. If the antenna is removed and you decide to become a customer again, you will have to pay for installation.

Is there anything else I need to know?
To help do our part in keeping the planet green we have a paperless billing system. You will receive your statement in an email address which you will need to provide upon installation or soon after. If you would prefer to receive a paper bill or you do not provide an email address we do send paper statements but there is a $2 charge per statement.

What is "latency" and how does it affect my service?
Latency is a term used to describe how long it takes a "packet" of information sent from your computer to a server on the internet and back to your computer again. This measurement is vital to a network because it can significantly delay a response, effectively slowing down your ability to view websites. Satellite and cellular based internet typically has delays commonly in the range of 300-500ms while our internet service has average ping times under 30ms.

Will poor weather conditions affect my service?
Weather will rarely affect your service. Very high wind gusts can sometimes knock an antenna out of alignment but this is rare. Rain and stormy weather rarely pose a problem.


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