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About Us

Internet is not just a must its a necesity these days and when you don't have it or its extremly slow it just drives us crazy.  In an effort to find a service that is more reliable than satelite and does not make us feel like were on dial-up, we created a service that will benift the community.


We specialize in bringing rural homes and businesses the reality of reliable, high speed Internet access. We are expanding our network everyday let us know if you have a need for high speed internet access and have been unable to find service. We understand struggling with a painfully slow "dial up" or satellite connection, we got started in the business because as a resident of the rural fringe we needed a solution to the poor services that were available. We offer a low priced "always on" connection to the Internet at broadband speeds and low latency that gives rural residence a REAL broadband connection. If you would like to "break away" from your cellular internet wireless card, Satellite internet service, or want a local solution, we can offer a high speed, competitively priced connection to the Internet . Call or email us today to realize the SPEED of a high speed wireless Internet connection from Piñon Mesa.

Serving the Vanderwagen Community

Piñon Mesa is a locally owned and operated business. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and a reliable, high speed product. The majority of our business comes by "word of mouth" which means that our customers are pleased with the value and reliability of our service. We strive for a 99% + "up time" on our network. When you call or email Piñon Mesa, you are communicating with us directly, not an outsourced, overseas call center. Call or email us today, If your home or business resides within our service area, we can generally have you connected within a couple of days.

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