Your High Speed Internet Connection!

In today's world we expect High Speed Internet and to be constantly connected.  Quality Intenet Service is not just expected but is a necessity and that is what we provide you at Pinon Mesa Networks.  When we look at options for high speed internet in the rural comunities usally there are not many options.  Today you have a new option as we are a "WISP" to the rural Vanderwagen communities.


For those who wish to work from home there is now an option for you.  Need to take online classes for your degree then you have found your connection.  Pinon Mesa wants you to be able to do the things you "need" from home.  Want to watch the latest Movie, please find another source than your internet connection.  Streaming Media consumes the most bandwith and your entertainment interfiers with someone else trying to do Work or School.  Pinon Mesa Network is not intended as a tv subscription replacement.


Please give us a call to answer your questions and find the right solution for you.  Pinon Mesa is striving to provide local and reliable high speed Internet service to the community of Vanderwagen.  While we are local, not all locations are ideal for connection due to terain limitations.


Call and let us show you what our high speed internet network can achieve for you.

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PO Box 439

Vanderwagen, NM 87326


Phone: (505) 862-9045


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